There are several things you may want to know to cope with CoPE.

1. CoPE is a groupware appliction. You can use it together with other pattern authors. To start it in the cooperative mode, you have to connect to a server. We offer a public server at Enter this name in the field labelled Mediator. If you want to work in a single user mode, you have to leave this field blank.

2. You have to provide a name for the pattern language that you want to work on in CoPE. Enter this name in the field labelled _-Volume__.

3. Choose a user name (probably your own name) and press the button labelled Start Up.

4. To enter a new pattern, you can use the context menu of the drawing space. Select the entry create new pattern and provide a name for the pattern.

5. In the list in the right part of the window, you can select the individual patterns. You will see more details on the selected pattern. By pressing the pen button, you can edit the different field of the patterns.

6. In the fields, you can use a WIKI syntax. Especially, you can add links to other patterns. A sample for the link syntax looks like this: **p:PatternName:LinkLabel**. If both patterns are shown in the graphical view, you will also see the link between the patterns.

7. Other link types relate to known uses ( :k: ) or external patterns ( :e: ).

Finally, you may wish to export the pattern collection to a web site. Select the menu item "Patterns/Export to XML directory" and provide a target directory. The patterns will be stored according to the PLML.

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