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Sherman Alpert

Simone Barbosa

Jan Borchers (external link) (Email: borchers(at)
  • Wrote book A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design (external link)
  • Co-organized workshops and panels at INTERACT'99, CHI 2000, and CHI 2001
  • Participated in workshops and panels at ChiliPLoP'99, IHM-HCI 2001, CHI 2002, IBM CASCON 2002, and CHI 2003

Eelke Folmer (external link) (Email: (external link) )

Sally Fincher

Janet Finlay

Ashraf Gaffar

Maira Greco de Paula

Sharon Greene

Scott Henninger

Javier Hernandez

Jason Hong

Homa Javahery

Lauretta Jones

Mohamed Keshk

Ryan Kinworthy

James A. Landay

James Lin

Michael Mahemoff

Paul Matchen

Pedro J. Molina

Costin Pribeanu

John C Thomas

(e-mail: )

I am a researcher at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.

I have participated in several workshops on Patterns at Interact, CHI, and CSCW.

Jenifer Tidwell

Till Schümmer

Ahmed Seffah

Daniel Sinnig

Jean Vanderdonckt

Martijn van Welie

Marco Koch

Mayank Shekhar

(email: )

I am student of Software and User Interface Design

Elizabeth Whitworth

Mailing lists and Communities

  • New SIGCHI Community (external link) (Jul 10, 2012)
  • HCI Patterns Mailing List: (covers many people interested in hci patterns; since Interact99. To subscribe, write to Richard Griffiths (Email:r.n.griffiths(at)
  • UI-Patterns: ui-patterns(at) (more software-oriented, technical. To subscribe, mail to ui-patterns-request(at) with subject subscribe (and nothing else))
  • CHI2003-patterns mailing list: chi2003(at) (chi2003 workshop participants. Continuation of PLML discussion. Subscribe here (external link) ;)

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